Katwijks Museum

Katwijk’s Traditional Clothing and Ornaments

Traditional clothing - once characteristic for Katwijk has disappeared from daily street life. The Katwijk Museum shows a lot of the finery of the old traditional attire and also the simpler fisher-man and -woman’s clothing. In the large display cabinet on the 1st floor in the Jan van Brakel hall one can see some of the precious-metal ornaments, headbands, jewels, caps and other clothing accessories, that made up the traditional attire of Katwijk and Rijnland. With the help of accurately dressed dummys one can see how our forefathers were dressed. This can also be seen in the paintings of the artists of Katwijk.

Traditional Clothing Group
The Society Old Katwijk has an active ‘Traditional clothing group’. The aim of this group is to collect, conserve, repair and store the old clothing, ornaments and jewellery, and to display these at various events. The ‘Traditional clothing group’ are welcome visitors in many other towns. During their visits the members demonstrate and talk about the origin and use of the clothing and ornaments.