Katwijks Museum

Real Landscapes

Afgelopen (21 November 2017 till 25 February 2018)

Roos Schuring and Jacob Kerssemakers
From the 21st november to 24th february 2018, the Katwijk Museum is displaying the most recent work of the two present day artists Roos Schuring and Jacob Kerssemakers in the exhibition ‘Real Landscapes’.
Landscapes and town-views are shown. Both artists are stimulated by nature and want to get as close to it as possible. For this reason they work ‘en plein air’, because, as Kerssemakers pointedly says: “If you paint in the nature, the nature paints alongside you”.
The artists each have their own visual language and choices of material. This produces interesting differences and distinctive presentations.
Schuring, educated at the Utrecht school of Art with specialisation in graphic composition, shows that she is a born painter. Almost intuitively she paints her scenes in oils, using a modest sized canvas, often against a background of the unrestless weather of Holland. The ever changing beauty of Dutch cloud-rich skys, sunrises over the sea, polders, dunes, beaches and the sea don’t cease to inspire her.
Kerssemakers, a scientist who also attended the Rietveld and Wackers (art) Academies, begins where possible from a composition that is set up with calculated precision. Behind his self-made special ‘rolling-easel’, built for painting outside, he creates uncommon panoramas of landscape or town on long strips of paper.
The fresh polder-views, lively beach scenes and uncommon town panorama’s, where Katwijk also figures as a source of inspiration, decorate the walls of the Katwijk Museum until the 24th of february 2018.

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