Katwijks Museum

Finds and Far off Vistas. 28 November 2016 to 26 February 2017

Afgelopen (29 November 2016 till 26 February 2017)

A sales-exhibition of the artists Ab van Overdam and Lux Buurman together.
This exhibition has been uniquely bought together by the Katwijks Museum and gives a overall picture of earlier work of the artists and never before exhibited work inspired by views of the dunes between The Hague and Katwijk, the hinterland of these well-known artists-partners from Wassenaar.
Thereby, the Katwijks Museum has been given the chance to exhibit the top piece of their oeuvre ‘The Paradise’. This piece, painted by Van Overdam and Buurman together, comes from a private collection and is normally speaking not exhibited in public. As an exception, The Katwijks Museum was given permission to do so by its owner.

Dune landscapes, water-scapes
Van Overdam is known for his interesting landscapes. In this exhibition one can see his vistas - broad landscapes in the dunes in various seasons . Mostly the subjects are the, to him familiar and trusted, South- Holland dunes. During his walks through the dunes Overdam discovered that they offer a rich Scala of worthwhile subject matter. He sees almost abstract patterns in the changing aspect of the mosses, low scrub, bushes and hollows in the dunes. Painting from memory back in his atelier he recreates the dunes again from his stored images. The result: frozen, silent surprising and yet trusted recognizable dune landscapes. Looking through his eyes, the observer sees pictures unlike anything seen before.

Surprising games with trompe l’oeil.
We find an intimate world in the canvases of Lux Buurman. Still-life’s with trompe l’oeil elements, representing her finds in the nature such as shells, fruit or objects made by man. This could be a piece of embroidered silk drapery, Chinese porcelain or a drawing of an explorer.
Confronted with her paintings eye to eye, her artistry, her sharp power of observation and the pretty light effects are striking. They give her work a certain airiness. The balance between mastery and accessibility makes it easy for the observer to enter her beautiful world . Her playing with tromp l’oeil effects are extended to the painted frames and even painted drapes, hanging over mirrors, for people who would rather look at themselves than at a painting.

For sale: Ab van Overdam and Lux Buurman tel: 070 511 77 48

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